Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tool #10 - Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

Three things I would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens are
1.     The importance of online safety and security : Do not share personal information about yourself online.
2.     Digital etiquette:  Cyber-bullying has become a problem so students need to understand that negative things that are said online have the potential to be hurtful      and while online students are responsible for being considerate citizens.  The internet should be used respectfully.
3.     Digital rights and responsibilities: When I think of digital rights, I think about the importance of finding reliable resources when searching for information and the need to use online material ethically (citing sources). 
One of the resources mentioned in tool #10 that I plan to use for instruction is the workshop Digital Citizenship - touching on netiquette offered by Atomic Learning . Because many of my students are familiar with Brain Pop, I also plan on exploring the resources offered by this site.

Teaching the idea of digital citizenship to your students would tie in very well with ours school's PAWS (Positively Awesome Woodview Students) initiative.  Teaching positive character traits such as friendship (on and off-line) are essential in students understanding and avoiding cyberbullying.

The idea of digital citizenship can be introduced and explained to our parents during our school's Open House. I would begin by sharing access (if possible) to the resources mentioned in this tool (Brain Pop, Cyberbee, Digizen, CyberSmart and the workshops offered through Atomic Learning). Tips on digital citizenship can also be added to our school's newsletter.


  1. I agree with that the three components of digital citizenship you identified, internet security, network etiquette, and digital rights are good netiquette. Thank you for sharing, your awesome!!!

  2. We can share all of our resources with parents! They have access to them, but need passwords for home use. Come see me to make that happen!