Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

I signed up for Animoto Lite to create free 30 second videos.  Animoto is designed to create cool video pieces from photos, video clips and music. My first thought was to use Animoto to introduce a specific genre of reading (i.e. Classic Tales).  An introduction to a reading genre using an Animoto video full of pictures of story characters is bound to get students excited about upcoming reading.  

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

I visited the Wordle website to learn how to generate a word cloud from text. The clouds highlight words that appear more frequently in the source text. The word cloud can be printed out and used before, during, and after reading to highlight specific word families (i.e. past tense words ending in "ed").

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  1. Animoto is just so much fun! And it's easy enough that kids would enjoy making a video, too.